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Colorful Christmas Tree LED

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  • Operating voltage: DC4.5-5V

  • Power supply mode: mobile phone charger, computer, charging treasure

  • Size: long 80mm, width 80mm, high 100mm

  • PCB Material: double sided 1.6 mm RF-4 plate

Introduction of DIY Christmas music tree:
  • The music of Christmas tree suite consists of two circuit boards and components combination, you need to let the 36 welding assembly, LED flashing, showing the contours of three-dimensional space in the Christmas tree (night watch environment is better)
Welding attention point:
  • Colorful lights: LED lamp 36 edition by the same white transparent welding composition, color transform rules in the light of the individual customers, when testing the only light to see is red to misunderstand, to light a few seconds to see test lights transform, do not distinguish between the welding position, free position welding, long legs positive.

  • Three color light plate: consists of three different colors (red, green, blue) monochromatic lights, welding position to distinguish, please download the specific list and see the data welding.

Note:This product are Spare parts,  was not soldered.  

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