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Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor Watch for Android IOS

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It is very slim and soft to wear, you will feel no pressure.

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*Accurate step counter

It adopt KX022 pedometer sensor, which will accurately record your sport data, like calorie / step / distance.

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*High Precision heart rate sensor

It will monitor your heart rate in real time all day. When user’s heart beats, there will be more blood run through user’s wrist, the green light absorption will increase.
Under the interval of heart beats, less blood run through user’s wrist, thus the green light absorption decrease.
DO Researching and Developing Team have effective monitored and extracted heart rate signal based on developed
a set of complicated and explicit algorithm

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*New steps algorithm , more accurate

This smart bracelet updrades new motion algorithm, effectively filter the high frequency motion in non-motion state, greatly

improve the accuracy of the pace, so that the daily excercise indicators perfect to complete.


*Call&SMS alert

After you connect the device with your phone. It will vibrate to alert you when calls or texts comming. So you will not miss any important calls and messages.

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*Real -time record your sport movement.

Go to the real time running page on the apps, it will record your sport movement, including the running time, speed, calorie, distance.

And label your running route。

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*Lightly for wear sleep monitor

Real-time monitoring of your sleep quality, fuse heart rate algorithm, give you a precise sleep data to help you improve the sleep quality.


*Music control

Within the bluetooth range, the smart band could control the music play on the smart phone.

You can listen to your favorite song and it make sports more fun.


*Remote camera

Remote photographing and videotaping, record every beautiful moment.

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*SOS function

Safely locating, asking for help once you are in trouble

e8 smart 19

*High performance waterproof

No fear of sweat and rain, but not for showering and swimming

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*turn over the wrist, wake up the screen

The screen will light up when you turn over the wrist to some degrees, which is easy to see the time and date.

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