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Ice Crusher Machine

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Product Features:

1. Spiral shaft, simple and convenient, cut shaved ice;
2. Activities of the screw allows you to adjust according to their own preferences different thickness of the ice;
3. Clearly, see the ice in the container;
4. Kind is the new plastic handle;
5. Blade thicker, more sharp, more time-saving ice.


1, remove a few cups of water, the volume of water will expand after the formation of ice, so the water cannot be too full because of the top of the cup 1CM gap.
2, a few cups into the refrigerator freezer until the cup inside the water completely formed into ice.
3, pour out the cup of the ice, opened the top ice machine, ice cubes placed in the ice bucket.
4, cover the top of the lid, the cup will be placed on the bottom, holding the handle by hand, clockwise rotation of the handle, the ice will be cut into pieces, falling into the bottom of the cup.
5, into the disk with the favorite fruit, cool Department of ice to do the pull.
If in the hot summer months, there are small gatherings at home, after a meal out of a hill-like ice to eat, will undoubtedly be very popular. The key is, ice is not difficult to do.

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