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Lifesaving Rescue Bracelet Balloon

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WARNING:   Before using, read all in instructions and warnings carefully. Failure to read and

heed instructions and warnings can result in improper use of device and /or malfunctioning,

resulting in property damage and serious injury .  

This is a life saving device and this is not a toy.   It is not intended for use by individuals 15 years or younger.

Keep out of reach of children. This device is intended for use only  by confident swimmers .

This is a recreational product and is not intended for use as a substitute for a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) . 

All individuals using  this device are encouraged to use a PFD. The device only works as a flotation device

when actively inflated by the user .

Before  each  use, check to make sure device is properly armed and in good working condition .

Never aim device towards face or body when activating .  

Never attempt to repair the product yourself .

Do not  wear this device under clothing as inflation could result in injury .

Do not wear the Heyong  wearable anywhere other than the wrist .

Do not use Heyong while diving. Heyong could pull you to surface quickly,  which could be harmful  to  your  health .

Do not inflate device in confined areas or areas in which device may become tangled or ensnared .

Avoid  overinflating . CO2 inflation after oral inflation could damage device and /or result in injury.

This  device contains a  CO2 cartridge the contents of which are under pressure. Do not expose to direct sunlight, puncture or store in heat above 120F/49C.

Do not inhale or  discharge contents of CO2 cartridge toward face or body. Contents can cause illness,  irritation to skin and eyes ,  and/or  frostbite when released.  

Keep out of children.

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