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Resin Wood Statement Necklace

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1.We can't make all resin wood necklace the same as these necklace of pictures.Every piece is completely handmade, almost that no two necklace are exactly alike.

2.When you order this necklace, it will be similar in shape and colour, but not exactly the same - it will be one of a kind.



    No matter how much jewelry you own, chances are that you don’t own anything quite like this. “What’s so special about these necklace?”Crafted a unique miniature world in wooden necklace. These beautiful pieces are handcrafted from fresh wood,resin and beeswax. Those necklace are perfect for wedding,anniversary and other important occasions you wan to remember for a life time.
   These necklace forms tiny worlds within the space of a finger. These environments contain everything from snowcapped mountains to deep blue lagoons, appearing like tiny snow globes atop one’s hand. Like a gemstone, each necklace has an angular surface, refracting the scenes carefully placed within. 

Product Detail :

Fashion Women Men Necklace Handmade Vintage Resin Wood Statement Necklaces & Pendants Long Rope Wooden Necklace Jewelry Gifts



Style:Handmade Resin Wood Necklace Pendant


Package: 1pc Necklace

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