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Zipped Open Toe Compression Socks

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Who Needs Lingsss Compression Socks?

Ideal for Athletes, Nurses, Teachers and those people standing or sitting long hours . Lingsss Compression Socks helps eliminate tired achy and leg fatigue. Great for Pregnancy to help minimizes or eliminates swelling of the feet.


Suitable for people in daily life too. Why Needs Lingsss Compression Socks ? - Offers sturdiness and stability to your feet with a snug fit, and still allows for full range of motion - Graduated compression 15-20 mmHg - Relieve plantar fasciitis/ achiles tendon/ metatarsal/ heel pain symptoms and swelling.

May help aid your recovery - Breathable and comfortable as we use anti-itch and anti-slid material - Insulated to keep your feet and leg warm, and offer great ankle support - Allows greater flexibility & motion with no skin chafing or irritation - Retains shape even after multiple washes When Need Lingsss Compression Socks? -Comfortable Travel Socks for Long Car or Airplane Travel.

-Compression socks are great for occupational or evening edema-leg discomfort due to prolonged sitting or standing, perfect for flight and business trip, before and after pregnancy, and recovering from injury

SIZE CHART : S/M: Ankle Circumference: 6-10" Calf Circumference: 10-14" Length of stocking laying flat: 13.3" L/XL: Ankle Cir: 7-12.5" Calf Cir: 14-17" Length of stocking laying flat: 14.5"


1. If they weren't tight they wouldn't be doing their compression job.Sometimes it needs 2 people to zip up the socks, if you mind that, please don't buy it. 2.As it is made by machine.

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